About Me

Kevin Gepford

I began my career as a newspaper reporter and editor, which led me to the Columbia University School of Journalism where I earned my master’s.

That experience changed everything. I fell in love with New York — which surprised me, and I decided to stay. However, it was incredibly challenging to find my niche as a working journalist there — which also surprised me…. although it probably should not have. I was saved by a lucky break that opened the door to many wonderful years working on the creative/marketing side of the television entertainment industry.

The day finally came when I realized that my love for the insanity of NYC was gone. The west coast beckoned… and I’m excited once again for where I live and happy to do my part in keeping Portland, Oregon, well, weird. To that end, I’m pursuing a book project that I’m super passionate about — a subject of natural history that has fascinated me for a long time: tortoises.

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